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21 December 2010

What is ..... ???


"Best Friends Forever" is the 129th episode of the Comedy Central series South Park. It first aired on March 30, 2005. The episode is based on the Terri Schiavo case and won a 2005 Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program. In this episode, Kenny, who is one of the first to get the then newly-released PSP, has just reached level 60 on Heaven vs. Hell, when he is killed after being run over by an ice cream van. However, it is revealed that Heaven created the PSP in order to get "their Keanu Reeves" in order to defeat Hell in a final battle. However, due to technology, Kenny is brought back from Heaven and left in a persistent vegetative state, sparking an intense debate between Cartman (along with those who feel Kenny should be allowed to die), and Kyle and Stan (along with those who feel he should be kept alive). Eventually, Cartman wins "for the wrong reasons", and Kenny defeats Hell with the golden PSP.
"Best Friends Forever" was written and directed by co-creator Trey Parker. This episode aired mere hours before Terri Schiavo died. It received positive review from critics for its portrayal of the media frenzy that surrounded the Schiavo case.

"XOXO" is also a symbol for Hugs and Kisses. Hugs and kisses is a term for a sequence of the letters X and O, e.g. XOXO, typically to express affection or good friendship at the end of a written letteremail or SMS text message, in which, according to most sources, "x" means kisses and "o" means hugs.The use of "x" to signify a kiss is more long-standing than the use of "o", dating back at least to 1763. However, some believe that the symbols "x" and "o" are reversed, with "o" meaning kisses and "x" meaning hugs.

OMG may refer to:
Oh My God, Oh My goodness, or Oh My Gosh, a common abbreviation used in SMS and Instant Messaging. 



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